My artwork is map collage that offers the viewer a combination of imaginary landscapes with mystical, biblical, scientific and ecological themes. The visual description of a three-dimensional world on a flat plane is conjoined with the depiction of the metaphysical.

I strive to find common ground between these seemingly disparate realms. Maps that I incorporate into collages may be part of regional, geographic, geological or religious narratives. There is more than one story a map can convey. My work also has more than one story to tell. I may be both trying describe the curve of the earth on a flat piece of paper and using maps to blur boundaries between the natural and the manufactured/technological world, representing simultaneously land, sky, water and architecture.

Art is an important tool to comment on society. In my case humour is often added, visually linking our behaviour and how it defines us as a society, such as over-dependence on technology. My work is made in a traditional way; constructed with paper and adhesive. Technology allows me to duplicate and manipulate images to fit my ideas.

Also, I have illustrated natural disasters that are a result of climate change.

Integrating and connecting all these elements allows me to further explore the relationship of the natural world and man-made world and how we, as humans, navigate those worlds.

Bon voyage!